ZFC Limited is the largest local manufacturer and distributor of fertilizer and the third largest distributor of agrochemicals in Zimbabwe. ZFC manufactures a wide range of granular fertilizers suited to Zimbabwean soils and cropping. Special mixtures can also be produced for export. The raw material requirements for ZFC's fertilizers are obtained from both local and external sources and are processed at ZFC's two granulating plants at Aspindale Park and Msasa.

ZFC imports more than 150 different agricultural chemicals that include herbicides, fungicides, fumigants, insecticides and specialty chemicals such as tobacco desuckering agents. All crop chemicals are imported with the smaller volume products being ready for use while the large volume products are formulated, re-packed and labeled at ZFC's crop chemical plant in Kwekwe.

ZFC has distribution agreements with several of the world's leading principal manufacturers of agricultural chemicals such as Bayer, FMC, Monsanto and Syngenta. ZFC has 13 depots established throughout the country. The company also has an extensive network of stockists and agrodealers nationwide. It is ZFC's objective to continually improve the distribution of its products to promote fertilizer use in order to improve agricultural yields and the general produce output in the country. TA Holdings Ltd has a 22,5 % stake in this operation.

Corporate Governance

ZFC Limited’s board of directors comprises of:

  • Kachere, M - Chairman
  • Dafana, Richard - Managing Director
  • A Connolly, Non Executive
  • Nyajeka, B, Non - Executive Director
  • J Chigwende - Director
  • V Mudimu - Director

Postal Address:

Zimbabwe Fertilizer Company Limited (ZFC)
PO Box 385

Physical Address:

35 Coventry Road

Tel: +263 4 753882/9
Fax: +263 4 753881