Cresta hospitality group is one of Southern Africa’s largest hotel management groups, boasting several properties in Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe providing the true warmth of African hospitality.

Cresta hotels are ideal for the modern business traveller. With mid-market focus, Cresta hotels provide modern creature comforts and warm service that is sure to make any guest smile!

Cresta has been associated with hotel operations as far back as 1958, through the Jameson Hotel in Harare. The hotel portfolio in Zimbabwe was expanded in the mid 1960’s with the addition of the Cresta Oasis Hotel and the Cresta Churchill Hotel in the 1980’s. Cresta Lodge Harare was commissioned in 1993 and Cresta Sprayview opened in August 2013 which took our portfolio in Zimbabwe to 5 hotels.

In 1987, Cresta Hospitality was awarded the Management contract for the Marakanelo Hotels in Botswana by the Botswana Development Corporation. From an initial portfolio of less than 100 rooms under management, the group now manages 851 rooms in Botswana, with the addition of beautiful properties such as Cresta Lodge (Gaborone) and the Group’s flagship Mowana Safari Lodge in 1993 and 1994 respectively.

Cresta Hospitality Holdings is a hotel management company registered in Jersey. Cresta Hospitality is part of the TA Group. TA Holdings Limited in a public company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.



Located only 16km away from Lusaka international airport along the East Road and adjacent to the 18-hole Chainama Hills Golf Club,Cresta Golfview Hotel is the perfect setting for business or relaxation and offers well appointed, comfortable rooms and a tropical themed swimming pool that complements the renowned Chatters restaurant & cocktail bar. The Hotel boasts three conference rooms and an executive board room, fully equiped with state of the art facilities, wireless internet services and a business centre. The Manda hill shopping centre and arcades shopping mall are a five minute drive from the hotel.


Cresta Hotels leave you with memorable hospitality experiences through four experiential gateways. From a single point of departure, the Cresta brand encompasses a range of different products, without being diluted or compromised. Whether you are looking for a cosmopolitan – or truly authentic African experience, you will find that every hotel of the Cresta Hotels group offers exceptional service quality. The four gateways ‘Urban Heartbeat’, ‘Urban Oasis’, ‘African Roots’ and ‘African Fingerprint’ are each designed differently for you to choose the travel experience will best suit your lifestyle.


Cresta Hotels’ Urban Heartbeat gateway encompasses destinations that pulsate with sensuality and energy. Urban Heartbeat is where Africa meets the world, a fresh, stylish, cosmopolitan setting in the hustle and bustle of town.

Excitingly different and aesthetically pleasing, Urban Heartbeat surrounds itself with innovative design and technology suited for the travelling businessman. High quality a la carte restaurants and bars are destinations in their own right, perfect for business lunches, private dinners or even Friday night drinks. Conference facilities are fully equipped and made for successful meetings, while fully catered functions provide customers with peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of. Hotels in the urban heartbeat gateway are in the heart of modern and cosmopolitan African cities, where the pace is fast, the stakes are high and where both business and pleasure are exhilarating experiences


The Urban Oasis gateway offers peace and calm as well as rebirth and renewal. Just like the African spring, hotels and lodges in this gateway are places of growth and energy, where fresh ideas can sprout like new seeds in fertile ground,
the Cresta Urban Oasis gateway makes it possible to have a real holiday without being too far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. Even more than that, it is the perfect ‘In-betweener’, where work and rest can be mixed effortlessly and where business becomes a pleasure.

A stones throw from the action, Urban Oasis offers all the facilities to stay connected and in touch with the world when opportunity desires. Set in lush and verdant gardens, these properties offer the perfect setting for relaxation following a hectic schedule of meetings. These tranquil properties are comfortable, quiet and informal, offering a true blend of modern convenience and traditional, homely comforts. These features blend beautifully to create a true mix of heritage and modernity. The Urban Oasis hotels offer buffet restaurants and hearty cuisine that nourish body and soul.


The Cresta African Roots gateway combines hotels in surprising havens and in unexpected places. They are like sunflowers in maize fields, beautiful, refreshing and out of the blue.

On a smaller scale and in smaller locations, these lodges and hotels provide great value and service equal to the bigger hotels of the group. They are modern, affordable and represent something that is inherent in African hospitality: you find it wherever you go.

These hotels provide modern, affordable accommodation in towns or locations where one would not always expect to find suiting accommodation and offer the same standards as the Urban Oasis Hotels and Urban Heartbeat Hotels on a smaller scale. With quality accommodation, food and refreshment, and entertainment, these hotels are a nucleus of activity and great place to stop over on a long journey.


The African Fingerprint gateway is a collection of the Cresta Hotels’ signature destinations. Each Fingerprint property is a unique jewel in the Cresta crown, its patina is of the African landscape and everything that makes Africa a rich umber palette of tastes, textures and sounds.
Situated in niche locations, these hotels are as unique as the name ‘Fingerprint’ suggests. With exquisite surroundings and unique ala carte restaurants, these destinations are set in and around some of the world’s most beautiful creations such as the Chobe River basin.

African Fingerprint represents the elite of the Cresta Hotels.

As such, Cresta’s African Fingerprint gateway promises to punctuate a journey uniquely, and to provide a background for an unforgettable experience.




Five Hotels in Zimbabwe

Cresta Jameson Hotel *** 123 rooms Harare

Cresta Oasis Hotel *** 86 rooms Harare

Cresta Churchill Hotel *** 50 rooms Bulawayo

Cresta Lodge Harare *** 171 rooms Harare

Cresta sprayview *** 65 rooms Victoria falls

Ten Hotels in Botswana

Cresta President Hotel *** 93 rooms Gaborone

Cresta Lodge Gaborone *** 160 rooms Gaborone

Cresta Botsalo Hotel ** 51 rooms Palapye

Cresta Bosele Hotel *** 52 rooms Selibe Phikwe

Cresta Riley’s Hotel *** 51 rooms Maun

Cresta Thaphama Hotel *** 96 rooms Francistown

Cresta Marang Gardens *** 105 rooms Francistown

Mowana Safari Lodge **** 114 rooms Chobe

Cresta Juaneng ***65 rooms

Cresta Mahapye ***64 rooms


Our Hotel in Zambia

Cresta Golf View ***78 rooms Lusaka